THE FOUNDATION - Executive Director, Ellen Wong

The Dr. Haing S. Ngor Foundation was founded in 1990 by Haing Ngor, and dear friend Jack Ong, operating under the ministry auspices of the Venice Christian Community Church. The Foundation was organized by Dr. Ngor and Pastor Ong for the purpose of improving the living conditions for the impoverished residents of Cambodia. After Dr. Ngor’s death, the Foundation was incorporated (in 1997) as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. Dr. Ngor's niece, Sophia Ngor Demetri, serves as President of Board of Directors of the Foundation; Jack Ong is Chairman Emeritus. The goals of the Foundation include preserving the legacy of Dr. Haing S. Ngor’s accomplishments and human rights endeavors as well as the promotion of Cambodia’s history and culture through education, activism and the arts.


A major opportunity for fostering cross-cultural peace in America lies in the empowerment of the youth of our nation with specific tools to understand more about those who are different from themselves; to understand the heritage of the other cultures, belief systems and countries of origin, and to appreciate the contributions of these diverse cultures to the melting pot that is America. One mission of The Dr. Haing S. Ngor Foundation is to develop, create and contribute these types of tools for America’s youth, working in concert with families, schools, civic groups and service organizations, law enforcement agencies, religious institutions, businesses, as well as museums, theatres and other professional, social and cultural organizations. These tools -- special programs, speakers bureaus featuring good role models, interactive drama and creative workshops, exhibits, films and literature -- will be made available both in schools and in para-school venues like clubs, city recreational facilities, community theatres, and churches. The Dr. Haing S. Ngor Foundation perceives this particular mission as one way to raise the social consciousness and self esteem of America’s boys and girls by elevating their awareness and appreciation of their nation’s multicultural diversity and by helping them learn productive ways of conflict solution in their daily lives. This mission is, in addition, a proactive way to combat the proliferation of youth violence, gang activity and drug use among the young; and to reinforce the most positive social and family values. It is the Foundation’s response to the untimely and sadly ironic death of Haing Ngor, who survived the Cambodian holocaust only to be killed in the carport of his Los Angeles home by Asian gang members.


Chairman Emeritus: Jack Ong
President: Sophia N. Ngor
Members: Brooke Demetri, John Garcia (LAPD Det., Retired), and William S. Major