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  Survival in the Killing Fields can be purchased at Amazon.com (US) or in the UK at Amazon.co.uk
When Dr. Haing S. Ngor's autobiography was published in 1987, the LA Times proclaimed it "one of the more important autobiographies of our time." Wrote T. D. Allman in the Chicago Tribune: "Ngor starred in the best film on Cambodia that has ever been produced.  And now he has written the best book on Cambodia that has ever been published." A CAMBODIAN ODYSSEY was co-written by Dr. Ngor with journalist Roger Warner, an expert on Cambodia and Southeast Asia.  About nine years after his book's publication, Dr. Ngor was killed on February 25, 1996, a victim of homicide outside his home in Los Angeles.  His story lives on, of course, the book having become vital reading for such subjects as holocaust studies, Asian American history, Asian Americans in entertainment and the media, Southeast Asian history, the Vietnam War, Cambodia, Communism, and human rights.  NOW...Dr. Ngor's acclaimed autobiography is back! In a brand new edition titled SURVIVAL IN THE KILLING FIELDS, from Robinson of London. This new paperback edition features an epilogue by Roger Warner that is at once informative, insightful, dramatic and enlightening.  In his epilogue, Mr. Warner provides an insider's account of Dr. Ngor's post-Oscar life, his human rights efforts, the shocking Haing Ngor murder in 1996, the murder trial (three men convicted), up to the present. Mr. Warner's poignant, intriguing epilogue is also a quick primer on today's Cambodia even as it fine-focuses on the times, events and people of Dr. Ngor's last years.
 (To help get this important book into libraries and schools, please contact The Dr. Haing S. Ngor Foundation.)
Haing Ngor's 1989 best selling Autobiography, "A Cambodian Odyssey", was  translated into multiple languages for its world-wide release.

A Cambodian Odyssey/Survival in the Killing Fields, was co-written by author Roger Warner.  Roger has also authored/co-authored  several other books including:

- Shooting at the Moon: The Story of America's Clandestine War in Laos
- Backfire: The CIA's Secret War in Laos and Its Link to the War in Vietnam
- Invisible Hand: The Marijuana Business
- Angkor: The Hidden Glories
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